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Wednesday, May 25th, Hint And Solution

Wednesday, May 25th, Hint And Solution

Another day for Wordle, and this time, I barely survived by the skin of my teeth. If you’ve arrived here, perhaps you are looking for today’s answer before you fail, and sure enough, I have it right here.

I am rebuilding my streak from a miss a few days ago, and this time, I got it in six, with no green letters until row five, and then I was one letter away from certain doom. I had some wild guesses in there for the sake of letter cleansing, and I almost ate it because of it. Wondering if anyone else will have as much trouble as I did today.

An Introduction to Wordle
  • For those new to the game, read this Wordle primer before you start playing and learn about how this fad got started.
  • Then, if you want some advanced tactics to get those low guess answers, you can read the Wordle Tips and Tricks guide here.
Today’s Wordle #340 Answer And Hint

As ever, I will preface this part of the post with a spoiler warning in case you ended up here by accident. This will be giving away the answer, but if you want a hint instead, I suppose I can provide you with one here before we start. It’s something large I’m almost certain you own in your house, but with the first letter changed. We’ll see how you do with that.

Yeah so my hint was “couch” with the first letter change for “vouch.” I did that because couch was actually my second to last guess. But how did I get there?

I started with my usual CRANE, which got me a C and exactly nothing else. I then went and guessed PICKS, which qualified as a good guess with no letters repeated. The C moved, but not to the right place. Here. I started to just go for it, guessing random words even without a C based on the ones I had left, so I did FUDGE, which did repeat an E, but got me a U. THROB was next, which got me an HO. From there, I forgot that C was not in the first spot (see CRANE) and I guessed COUCH. With one row to spare, I finally got my act together and guessed VOUCH. Correct!

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