Walter Bargen

Walter Bargen makes another ‘Miracle’

The great trick of Walter Bargen’s poetry reveals itself early and often in his latest book, “You Wounded Miracle.” 

Bargen, the state’s first poet laureate, threads seemingly ageless wisdom through his work. This sort of knowing is rooted in the earth and all its elements, and exchanged between generations. 

And yet, Bargen often sounds as if he’s making it all up as he goes. The poet’s approachability, askew humor and perpetual sense of surprise twine with more expansive truths to create truly lifelike verses.

Bargen, like so many of us, acknowledges his place in a longer story. But its plot, characters and inevitable conclusion are still up for grabs.

“You Wounded Miracle” arrives via the German press LILIOM Verlag and pairs Bargen’s poems with a wide variety of photographs. Bargen’s body of work seeks the language of connection; it gropes for, and so often finds, words that tether man to nature, humans to one another, birth and death to every day that falls between.

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