Videos: BU Staff Talk about the Future of Staff Work Survey | BU Today

Videos: BU Staff Talk about the Future of Staff Work Survey | BU Today

It happened so fast. One day we were coming to work at Boston University every day, fighting traffic or griping about the MBTA, spending our days in labs or offices, having spontaneous hallway conversations, and eating lunch at our desk or grabbing a quick bite with colleagues. And then, the next day, way back in March 2020, we were suddenly forced home by COVID-19. Working from home offices, or makeshift offices in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, fighting off distractions—and maybe even dealing with children or an elderly parent—we found ourselves on Zoom meetings or staring at the computer all day, with little or no face-to-face interactions.

It was a dramatic change to the workday. But after more than a year of working remotely, how do staff members feel about returning to campus? What should the future of work look like permanently for BU staff? Should remote work become a permanent part of the BU culture? And if so, to what degree, so that the University’s campuses still feel vibrant and populated, but people can keep some of the flexibility they found during the coronavirus pandemic. In this series of videos, staff from across the University share their thoughts and talk about why it’s important for others to complete the Future of Staff Work Survey sent to employees last week.

The survey is an opportunity for employees to have their say in what the future of work at BU should look like. The survey takes just 10 minutes, and the deadline to complete it is Monday, May 17. “We believe that getting this input is a critical step as we strive to create recommendations for remote and hybrid work that will support all of our staff, faculty, and students,” according to the Committee on the Future of Staff Work.

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