Nerivio, a device that provides acute treatment of migraines, developed by medtech firm Theranica. Photo via Theranica

Theranica’s Migraine-Zapping Device Nerivio Nabs Medical Tech Award

Israeli digital therapeutics company Theranica nabbed a medical tech award for its Nerivio migraine-zapping treatment device. The tool was selected the winner of the “Best New Technology Solution for Pain Management” award in the fifth annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by MedTech Breakthrough. The program is operated by Tech Breakthrough, a market intelligence and recognition platform for global tech innovation, and is devoted to honoring excellence in medical and health-related technology companies, products, services and people.

The FDA-cleared Nerivio is worn on the upper arm and provides migraine treatment through neuromodulation therapy, altering nerve activity through targeted delivery of a stimulus. The drug-free treatment is like “a personalized pain-relief program,” according to the Netanya-based company. It is controlled via app and offers a migraine diary to track treatment sessions and migraine headaches which can be shared with healthcare professionals.

“Migraine is the third most prevalent disorder in the world and affects approximately 1 billion people,” said James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough. “Nerivio addresses this challenging condition by encompassing the best elements of MedTech solutions, including a true digital health non-invasive treatment approach that deploys an innovative mechanism of action and an accompanying app that controls the device while enabling patients to track and manage their migraines. Congratulations to Theranica for this major advancement and being the winner of our important ‘Best New Technology Solution for Pain Management’ award.”

Available in Israel and the US, Nerivio has treated more than 100,000 migraines in over 14,000 patients, the company said.

“A true advancement in digital health, Nerivio is changing the traditional migraine treatment paradigm and will continue to positively impact patients, by providing pain relief and enabling people get back to life,” said Theranica CEO and co-founder Alon Ironi. “Thank you to MedTech Breakthrough for recognizing this important alternative in helping patients control this debilitating condition.”

Theranica itself as founded in 2015 and combines electrical neurostimulation and neuromuscultar-stimulation technologies with modern wireless communication and smartphone applications. The company leverages these advanced technologies to design and deliver effective products for treating a variety of severe and common medical problems.

Nerivio was featured on Time Magazine’s list of 100 Best Innovations in 2019, alongside eight other Israeli innovations, and as a “game-changing” medical tech company in 2020 by New York-based research firm CB Insights.

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