The Verge Guide to Windows: tips, tricks, and advice

The Verge Guide to Windows: tips, tricks, and advice

Microsoft’s Windows operating system has been a major presence in the computer industry for decades. Currently, PCs loaded with Windows 10 are being manufactured and sold by a variety of companies in an even wider variety of models. Come the 2021 holiday season, we can expect that PCs will be shipping with Microsoft’s new Windows 11 — and if your current system is compatible, you will be able to upgrade to the new free OS.

This abundance of choice has its advantages and disadvantages. While on the one hand, it means you can get a system that is exactly tailored to your needs, it also means you need to do some research before deciding on which Windows device is right for you. And while the operating system’s flexibility is an advantage, especially if you are tech-savvy or business-oriented, it also means finding features — and fixing problems — can be a complicated process.

The Verge Guide to Windows is where you can find expert info and advice on topics such as how to change your sign-in settings, how to use the Windows Edge browser to protect your privacy, and how to take full advantage of the upgrade to Windows 11. So if you’re a confirmed Windows maven or new to the OS, let us keep you informed and up to date on the latest devices and techniques. And if you’re looking for a new up-to-date laptop, check out the info and opinions from our expert reviewers on all the latest devices.

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