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The Lisperati1000: A Raspberry Pi Rig for Lisp Fans

We’re no strangers to Raspberry Pi rigs. We’ve seen Pis inside of everything from Pelican cases to sandwich-cutters. But this Raspberry Pi desktop is designed for lovers of the old-school programming language Lisp—it’s even been affectionately dubbed The Lisperati1000 by its creator, Conrad Barski.

The only thing Lisp-related to the project is the theme. There’s nothing special about the software that’s oriented toward Lisp beyond providing access to a text editor via a super-sleek, ultra-compact, custom workstation.

(Image credit: Conrad Barski)

The Raspberry Pi Zero W serves as the mainboard for the Lisperati1000. This uses less power than a full-sized Pi while providing wireless access to things via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It rocks a 1920 x 480 ultrawide display and has a built-in 40% keyboard with cherry brown switches.

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