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The future of monetization with 5G in healthcare

A recent report published by MIT Technology Review in collaboration with Ericsson revealed that service providers revenues from existing services will grow 0,75 percent  annually through to 2030. In the same period, new value-added services revenues will grow 11 percent annually with an additional revenue opportunity of USD700 billion.

The rise of 5G represents a new generation of mobile technology and a door to real enterprise digital transformation through a host of new services, technologies and ecosystems. One of the industries with the biggest potential for transformation is the healthcare sector. The dedicated network slices with guaranteed throughput, ultra-high speeds and almost zero latency promise to enable live, real-time health monitoring, telemedicine and remote surgeries among other revolutionary services. Service providers must be ready to monetize these kindst of new opportunities.

Let´s take the example of a hospital that provides 5G-connected devices to patients that need to be tracked and monitored 24×7. By partnering with the CSP and an IoT healthcare service provider, the hospital can get a dedicated network slice and edge storage, as well as processing and AI capabilities to analyze patients’ vital signs as quick as possible. Service providers need to charge for the network slice and each specific data type that flows inside it, to bill the edge services and to control each hospital partner with their own hierarchies of devices.

This is what Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform (DMP) already supports today. It enables CSPs to create and capture new opportunities in collaboration with all players in the ecosystem. With its catalog-driven architecture and support to TM Forum Open APIs, Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform offers the co-creation environment to launch IoT-based offerings with partners based on templates that are reused to create multiple compelling services faster. It already supports the 5G service-based architecture and interfaces to cater for the new 5G parameters used to correctly charge for those services. Ericsson DMP is your key to Digital BSS innovation.

Read the full MIT report on 5G and the enterprise opportunity

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Still don’t believe me? Watch this video and check how Ericsson DMP can implement  5G connected healthcare use cases today.


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