Hardware looted and torched – South Coast Herald

During last week’s unrest, a well-known family business, Dumakude Hardware at Ma Afrika in Merlewood was looted and torched.

The newly renovated hardware was fully stocked with building materials. After being repeatedly looted last Monday (July 12), the building was set alight later that day.

All that remains of the Dumakude Hardware is burnt rubble.

The owner, Yaasir Mahomed took over the business from his father, the late Imraan Hansbhai Mahomed who was well-known in the community.

A social media post doing the rounds in the community stated that the store and building was the legacy of one of the most generous and helpful men in Port Shepstone (the late Mr Mahaomed) and that he gave generously of his time and experience, as well as carried out charity work in the surrounding communities.

“We have not as yet calculated the cost of the loss,” said Nabeela Mahomed, Yaasir’s wife.

“We are grateful to those who were so generous with their time at the clean-up event last Sunday.”


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Florida Withdraws From Federal Pandemic Assistance Program – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The enhanced benefits clock has run out.

The state of Florida has withdrawn from a federal pandemic assistance program that offered a $300-per-week boost to state unemployment benefits.

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The move by the DeSantis administration was designed to lure people, who have been drawing enhanced unemployment benefits, back to work.

So, it is back to work, especially for restaurant employees.

“With the number of jobs open in the state we applaud the governor’s initiative to end the federal component this weekend,” said Geoff Luebkemann, senior vice president of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association.

Restaurant operators have struggled to fill critical positions and say that the additional federal subsidy made it more attractive dollar and sense wise for workers to stay home.

“I suspect as households make decisions over the next couple of weeks with that federal component no longer being available, we are optimistic that our workforce will return,” Luebkemann said.

But it is going to cost to lure workers back to the service industry.

“I think this is a tipping point. To look at it and go are these really living wages we are paying our employees especially in bigger cities like Miami. Are we paying enough?” said Michael Cheng, FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism.

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Signing bonuses, increased wages, and opportunities for advancement are being offered.

“We have seen upward pressure on wages,” Luebkemann said.

How about other folks that don’t have employment opportunities? Tough times ahead not only are the Florida federal unemployment enhancements ending so are other federal programs that have an impact.

The state weekly benefits ended on June 26. On July 31st, the federal eviction ban ends.

Also, on July 31st federal ban on foreclosures ends and on September 4, federal unemployment insurance programs expire.

Keeping an eye on all this, the folks at Farm Share, who operate free food distribution are gearing up for a possible surge in demand as federal pandemic funds programs end.

“There are going to be surges as these events occur. We expect to see spikes. Just how long will those spikes last? Will those spikes last? Will it create a new plateau or untimely dip down,” said Stephen Shelly, Farm Share CEO.

MORE NEWS: House Votes To Create Select Committee To Investigate January 6 Attack

When it comes to rent, 6.2 million renters or one in seven are behind in payments.

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Peru vote review to resume as protesters take to the streets | Elections News

Supporters of presumed president-elect Pedro Castillo and right-wing rival Keiko Fujimori demonstrate in capital Lima.

Challenges to Peru’s tightly contested presidential election are expected to resume after a new judge was sworn in on Saturday to the panel overseeing disputes, as thousands of supporters of rival candidates Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori took to the streets of Lima in protest.

Leftist schoolteacher and union leader Castillo declared victory after securing 50.12 percent support in the June 6 run-off – about 44,000 votes more than right-wing Fujimori – according to the full vote count.

But the daughter of ex-President Alberto Fujimori has alleged voter fraud – despite international observers saying the election took place without serious irregularities – and her camp has asked the National Jury of Elections (JNE) to review thousands of ballots.

The country’s electoral process was plunged into further uncertainty this week after one of the four magistrates on the jury reviewing contested ballots quit after clashing with the other officials over requests to nullify votes.

On Saturday, the jury swore in a replacement to allow the process to restart. “Electoral justice cannot be paralyzed or blocked, much less in this phase of the process,” said JNE President Jorge Salas.

The polarised presidential election came amid deep political divisions in Peru, which is struggling to cope with surging COVID-19 infections and deaths, as well as a pandemic-related economic downturn.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez, reporting from Lima, said “the situation is very tense” amid the duelling rallies of Fujimori and Castillo supporters in the capital. “It’s been 20 days [since the election] and still no official results yet,” she said, adding that police are trying to keep the rival groups apart.

Backers of Castillo have been urging electoral authorities to certify the results, while Fujimori’s supporters have echoed the right-wing candidate’s claims that the vote was marred by fraud and want a thorough investigation, Sanchez reported.

But she said the Fujimori camp has offered no evidence to back up the fraud allegations.

“All the international observers that have been here – from the Organization of American States, Transparency International, the European Union, the US State Department, Canada – have said that the elections have been free and fair,” Sanchez said.

A supporter wears a shirt with an image of Peru’s presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori that reads, ‘Always with you’, during a rally in Lima on June 26 [Gerardo Marin/Reuters]

Members of various right and centre-right parties, as well as retired military personnel who have backed Fujimori’s fraud claims took part in Saturday’s rally for the right-wing candidate. Many had banners saying “no to communism”, a criticism they often aim at Castillo, and “no to fraud”.

For their part, Castillo supporters marched toward Plaza San Martín, a block from the electoral jury headquarters, with giant banners and photos of the candidate. Many wore the same wide-brimmed hats Castillo used during the campaign, while some wore outfits from the country’s Andean regions and danced.

As tensions continue to rise, an audio recording was leaked of a jailed former intelligence adviser who was a close collaborator to former President Alberto Fujimori, seeking to influence the vote in favour of Keiko Fujimori. The Navy has said it will investigate phone calls from his prison on a naval base.

“We are outraged that an inmate appears on the scene at such a critical moment in our democratic life,” Prime Minister Violeta Bermudez told reporters on Saturday.

Peru’s new president is due to be sworn in on July 28, the country’s independence day.

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Family of 12-year-old boy say he died days after ‘suspicious’ attack at school ‘over just $1’

Killed for a DOLLAR? Family say 12-year-old boy died days after he was attacked twice at school – and that one assailant was dared just $1 to hit him over the head

  • A 12-year-old boy died from Brooklyn died on Friday after being beaten up
  • Fifth-grader Romy Vilsaint was attacked by bullies two days in a row after school
  • It’s believed he took beatings over a $1 dare from pupils at PS 361
  • After attacks on Wednesday and Thursday, Romy woke up feeling unwell, Friday
  • After vomiting, he lost consciousness on Friday afternoon later dying in hospital

A family, devastated over their 12-year-old son’s death, say they believe he was killed over a dare that turned deadly.

Questions still remain over the circumstances that led to fifth-grader, Romy Vilsaint dying, but his father and cousins believe he was attacked at school over the matter of a dollar.

Police are now investigating after the Brooklyn youngster lost consciousness at his home in Flatbush on Friday morning. 

NYPD are investigating the death of 12 year old Romy Vilsaint whose family said he died after being attacked at school, P.S. 361 on Newkirk Avenue in Brooklyn 

The boy was taken to Kings County Hospital where he later died.

The NYPD are now investigating if Romy had been attacked and have declared his death as ‘suspicious’.

The boy’s family say he had been attacked in the two days prior to his death at school, PS 361.

Romy, who had moved with his father from Haiti to Brooklyn in 2017, told a teacher that he had been attacked and that another student had been paid a dollar following the second attack which saw him hit hard on the back of the head. 

‘He got jumped by two kids on Wednesday. And he got hit in the head on Thursday. There were two different attacks at school,’ 28-year-old Roodwiny Exantus, Romy’s cousin, told The New York Post.

The boy's family say he had been attacked in the two days prior to his death at school, PS 361

The boy’s family say he had been attacked in the two days prior to his death at school, PS 361

The attacks both happened just after pupils had been dismissed from school for the day. 

‘When he reported it to the teacher, she asked who did it and why,’ Exantus said. ‘Romy said another kid paid him a dollar to do it.’ 

‘He was like, ‘Uncle, did I tell you today I had a bad day at school? A kid hit me in the back of the head, and I have a bad headache,” Exantus explained. ‘He said he had a slight headache and his waist hurt.’

‘He didn’t look good this morning. He vomited. My aunt had to help him in the shower. By 1pm. he looked bad, bad, bad,’ he continued.

Pictured, Romy Vilsaint's cousin Roodwiny Exantus said the fifth-grader had been attacked twice in two days at PS 361

Pictured, Romy Vilsaint’s cousin Roodwiny Exantus said the fifth-grader had been attacked twice in two days at PS 361

‘My mom [Romy’s aunt] found the vomit in the bucket and gave him a shower,’ Exantus told the New York Daily News. ‘She said he couldn’t walk.’

‘I wanted to take him to the hospital, but Uber was taking too long. He was begging for water. I called an ambulance. They arrived and said they were doing CPR and that’s when I knew he was gone. I couldn’t believe he was gone so fast.

‘He was in cardiac arrest. His heart stopped,’ said Exantus. ‘He didn’t have any medical problems. He was good until Thursday.’

‘We’re devastated. He was only 12 years old. He was always predicting what was going to happen next. He was a great kid. He wanted to be an actor or a basketball player.’ 

Romy’s father, Romain Vilsaint, said his son had been extremely sick in the hours before his death. 

‘He was a great kid and so smart. He never had any problems with anybody. We love him very much. I don’t know what to say,’ Vilsaint, 59 said. 

The city’s medical examiner will now determine the cause of Romy’s death. 


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Your Smartphone May Be The Best Tool To Have In A Weather-Related Emergency | CBC Online

Your Smartphone May Be The Best Tool To Have In A Weather-Related Emergency | CBC Online – Carroll Broadcasting


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Surgeon, 48, pens obituary to himself before his death

An Ohio doctor who died last week wrote his own offbeat obituary, saying he met an “unexpected, yet fabulous” end to his wild and crazy life at age 48. 

It wasn’t clear how Dr. Thomas Lee Flanigan died on April 27, but the jokester referred to himself as the “Ginger God of Surgery and Shenanigans” and said he had completed his shift “as the great American cliché” in the obituary.   

“Yes, I have joined the likes of Princess Diana, John Belushi, and Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter in leaving while still at the top of my game as an iconic superhero who seemed almost too good to be true,” he wrote in the obituary posted on 

The Army veteran and married father of three said he initially married his wife, Amy, for husband jokes and had three children for the dad jokes. 

Thomas Flanigan
It is not clear how Dr. Thomas Lee Flanigan died on April 27.

“It did not disappoint,” he said. “The jokes I mean, but Amy and the kids were pretty good too.” 

The obituary lists some of Flanigan’s life experiences, which include “Hawaiian volcanoes, Egyptian pyramids and even the advent of air fryers.” 

He attained the rank of lieutenant colonel, saved lives as a doctor and had a fulfilling cosmetic and reconstructive surgery stint, the obituary said. 

His real legacy is the dad jokes, New Year’s letters and Facebook memes, he wrote. 

“What was I to this world if not a beacon of light shining upon those who couldn’t scan the internet for their own hilarious and entertaining comic relief?” he said. 

“I guess what I am trying to say is that you’re welcome and you owe me big time.” 

He goes on to say he has ridden into the glorious sunset after re-enlisting with a new unit. 

Thomas Flanigan
Thomas Flanigan said he finished his time “as the great American cliché” in the obituary.   

“Due to the unknown and cosmic nature of my next mission, this will be our last communication. It will self-destruct in five minutes,” the obituary said. 

His whereabouts are now top secret, he said, but he has made new friends by the names of Elvis and Kenny. 

“The Church of Tom is closed for business, but please continue to worship me, light candles, and send money,” the obituary said. “You know the deal.” 

A wake is scheduled for Thursday in Toledo with a private family celebration to follow on Friday. 

Some patients and friends recalled the doctor in online remembrances. One patient posted that Flanigan was like Superman.  

“Nobody wants to hear that their super hero died but I pray that he knew how amazing he was to so many especially me,” she said.

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DJ who got radio station tattoo on arm laid off a week later

A St. Louis DJ learned the hard way that tattoos are forever, but jobs aren’t. 

Less than a week after getting the station’s logo tattooed on his arm, WIL (92.3 FM) Country-music jock Mason Schreader got a tattoo of his station WIL on his arm last month and less than a week later, was laid off.

Schreader, half of the morning-drive “Mason & Remy Show” with Zachary Hoesly, took to Twitter to announce his departure from the show with a photo of him featuring his new tattoo with the note: “Hahahahahhahhahahhahahha I just got fired.

To make matters worse, Schreader was hired as part of a duo with Hoesly in 2018 from a Chicago station — and Hoesly is keeping his job.

According to, Hoesly will now be paired with another DJ, Kasey Washausen.

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New state program aims to provide struggling Michigan residents with rental assistance

DETROIT – The state is rolling out a new online tool aimed at helping struggling renters stay in their homes.

It is all a part of a new program called COVID Emergency Rental Assistance aimed at addressing a growing crisis across the state.

Previous Coverage: Michigan renters, landlords can apply for assistance through new program

The number of people struggling to pay rent each month has grown into its own crisis during the pandemic.

Now the state’s new tool officially launched Friday aims at helping those people make ends meet.

The tool is meant to help get $282 million from the federal government with another $340 million expected to be approved by the state legislature into the hands of renters to help avoid eviction, pay back rent and make sure roofs stay over heads.


“We know there are thousands of renters and there are thousands of landlords that need this program,” said Kelly Rose with the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

According to federal data, there are more than 1 million rental homes statewide and more than half are considered rent burdened meaning they spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent. In Detroit renters outnumber homeowners.

“We have a whole lot of people who have not been able to pay the rent or their mortgage bills or their utility bills as they normally would have over the past year, and then to add on top of that, the normal support system that is there for lower income people who are in financial distress has not been as accessible as it normally would be,” said Joe McGuire with Detroit Eviction Defense.

But for a lot of renters there may be barriers to using the new online tool. They might be disabled or not have access to a reliable computer or the internet.


Others might not know some key information about their landlord like their email or physical address.

The state says local housing agencies are still taking paper applications for the money too.

Renters are only eligible if they make less than 80 percent of the area median income and have had some kind of COVID hardship. If approved renters can get assistance for up to a full year.

For more on the program or to apply for help, click here.

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City Panel Publishes List Of 41 Problematic Monuments Subject To Review; Including Monuments To Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln

CHICAGO (CBS) — As part of a “racial healing and historical reckoning project” that began last summer, a city advisory panel has identified more than 40 Chicago statues and monuments that could be potentially problematic, and is asking for public input to help decide their fates.

Last summer, after the city removed three statues of Christopher Columbus due to at times violent protests, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office announced a commission would review more than 500 public monuments to “provide a vehicle to address the hard truths of Chicago’s racial history, confront the ways in which that history has and has not been memorialized, and develop a framework for marking public space that elevates new ways to memorialize Chicago’s true and complete history.”

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On Wednesday, that advisory committee published a list of 41 statues, plaques, and other monuments that are subject to “further review.” Not all of the monuments will be removed. Rather, the city is seeking public input before deciding what to do with each of them.

The monuments include the three Columbus statues; as well as monuments to former Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and William McKinley; several statues of Native Americans; a monument to fascist Italian politician Italo Balbo; and a monument of the Haymarket Riot.

The committee said the 41 monuments were flagged for public discussion for a variety of issues:

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  • Promoting narratives of white supremacy
  • Presenting inaccurate and/or demeaning characterizations of American Indians
  • Memorializing individuals with connections to racist acts, slavery, and genocide
  • Presenting selective, over-simplified, one-sided views of history
  • Not sufficiently including other stories, in particular those of women, people of color, and themes of labor, migration, and community building
  • Creating tension between people who see value in these artworks and those who do not

The city has created a website detailing all 41 monuments, and has included a feedback form for the public to share their thoughts.

“This project is a powerful opportunity for us to come together as a city to assess the many monuments and memorials across our neighborhoods and communities—to face our history and what and how we memorialize that history,” Lightfoot said in a statement. “Given the past year and in particular the past summer that made clear history isn’t past, it is essential that residents are a part of this conversation. This project is about more than a single statue or mural, it’s about channeling our city’s dynamic civic energy to permanently memorialize our shared values, history and heritage as Chicagoans in an open and democratic way.” 

As part of the public input process, the Chicago Monuments Project will host a series of webinars and one-hour discussion panels with the advisory committee. The city also wants to team up with community organizations to host public discussions about the monuments.

The project also is asking for ideas from artists and community groups on the development of new monuments that could be erected in the city.

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The Chicago Public Schools is working on a separate project to review the district’s collection of artworks and review concerns about specific pieces. CPS created a Works of Art Steering Committee to work with students, teachers, school leaders, and advocacy groups to make recommendations about potentially problematic artwork in schools.

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Kansas City Chiefs sign WR Dalton Schoen to reserve/future contract

The Kansas City Chiefs have added another player to their growing list of reserve/future contract signees.

According to the NFL’s official transaction report on Friday, the Chiefs have signed former Kansas State walk-on Dalton Schoen to a reserve/future contract. The Chiefs first brought the former Wildcat in on a visit back in January and had him in on a visit with the team even more recently.

An Overland Park native and Blue Valley Northwest alum, Schoen will return to his hometown and continue to pursue his NFL dream. The 24-year-old receiver went undrafted following the 2020 NFL draft and signed on with the Los Angeles Chargers. He didn’t make their 53-man roster or their practice squad and spent the year as a free agent.

Back in college, Schoen notched 92 receptions for 1,569 yards and 9 touchdowns over 34 games from 2017-19. He had a solid pre-draft with some impressive numbers at the K-State Pro Day, but the challenges related to COVID-19 didn’t give him much of a fair shot to latch on with any NFL team.

The Chiefs had pretty good luck signing an undrafted free agent wideout out K-State in the past. A guy by the name of Byron Pringle, maybe you’ve heard of him? Brett Veach and the front office are hoping to replicate their success with this signing. At the very least it’ll create competition at the bottom of the roster. For Schoen, it makes a lot of sense to continue pursuing an NFL dream for your hometown team, especially when it means you might end up catching passes from Patrick Mahomes.

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