Saturday, December 5, 2020


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While Balboa Park’s Museums Endure COVID Closures, They Look To The Future

In a two-part series, KPBS reporter John Carroll examines how some of the park’s cherished institutions are holding up during the pandemic. ...

PlayStation Boss Insists Sony Is Not Ignoring Japan

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan, has insisted that a recent report that suggested PlayStation has “sidelined” Japanese developers and markets is “inaccurate”.Talking...

Raspberry Pi OS Update Brings Accelerated Web Browsing

Today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced an end of year update to its 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS, formerly Raspbian. This update sees improvements...

‘Ugly food’ distribution industry takes off in Idaho – Idaho Business Review

Two companies have now come to Idaho with the goal of reducing food waste and promoting grocery affordability by distributing ugly or imperfect...

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