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Tackle climate for children's future -- Carol Steinhart | Letters to the Editor

Tackle climate for children’s future — Carol Steinhart | Letters to the Editor

I’m glad Kuntz recognizes that both behavioral and systemic change are necessary (no passing the buck), as is employing carrots rather than sticks to achieve them. We’re all in this together. We broke it, we own it. Together we can and must fix it.

One point Kuntz made especially resonates with me as I try to persuade people: Few people are climate change skeptics and outright deniers. But the concern of the majority, using Kuntz’s term, is “abstract.” If the concern of my friends, acquaintances and the general public is in their guts and bones, why aren’t they doing anything about it?

We should about the children, our own and those of others, who inherited a perilous and uncertain climate future. Will they have to deal with it because we didn’t.

I recently thought of Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist, when I heard a father on National Public Radio say he wept twice when he held his newborn daughter: once for joy and once for sorrow.

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