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Sunday, May 22nd, Hint And Solution

Sunday, May 22nd, Hint And Solution

Welcome to another installment of me giving you the Wordle answer as everyone looks to keep their streaks alive, or tries to rebuild from scratch. I will shame my writing colleague Erik who actually failed this one, but I got it in four, so I’m pretty happy with that.

It’s not a hard word, but Erik, brings up a good point where sometimes word formatting can be too common and there can be too many possible answers that fit all your remaining letters, and you simply run out of guesses through bad luck alone. So just be careful and maybe adopt alternate letter eliminating strategies to help your odds.

An Introduction to Wordle

  • For those new to the game, read this Wordle primer before you start playing and learn about how this fad got started.
  • Then, if you want some advanced tactics to get those low guess answers, you can read the Wordle Tips and Tricks guide here.

Today’s Wordle #337 Answer And Hint

Before we go any further, I will give a spoiler warning for the Wordle answer in case you do not want to know and have accidentally ended up here. In terms of a hint, the answer is the reason I am writing this money. That’s it, that’s the hint.

And the answer is…


I mean what do you think I just do this for fun? Internet points? No! Money! I mean it’s not like I made the game and sold it to the New York Times for a few million dollars, but writing about it isn’t bad either, considering the level of interest.

So, how did I manage to win today while Erik lost? I started with CRANE, as ever, which only got me the N and the E in the wrong places. From there I guessed PENTS. What is a PENTS? I have no idea, apparently it’s “a shed with a sloping roof, or a sloping roof, projecting from a wall or the side of a building, as to shelter a door,” which is why the answer key accepted it. But I don’t think it will ever be an actual answer. Anyway, that got me the N in the right place at least. From there, I guessed DINED where both Ds and the I missed, but at least I got the N and E in the right place finally. From there, I tried MONEY, which was right, but I suppose I also could have guessed HONEY. Lucky me.

Hope you did well, see you next time!

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