Stunning black PS5 — when to expect restock

Stunning black PS5 — when to expect restock

If you have your heart set on picking up a black PS5, there’s a chance you might still be able to get one. Although the first batch of black PS5 consoles sold out, the SUP3R5 website says to check back soon. 

Earlier this week we heard about a range of limited edition PS5 consoles, with a custom design modeled after the PS2. The consoles are designed by SUP3R5 and come in black, something fans have been asking for since Sony unveiled the PS5 last year. They went on sale Friday, January 8 and sold out instantly. 

PS5 Black: now available from $649 @ SUP3R5
SUP3R5 will only have 304 custom PS5 and PS5 Digital Editions available for sale. Likewise, it will only have 500 custom black DualSense controllers. Snatch these up now while you can. If the site doesn’t allow you to make a purchase, try again in a few minutes. View Deal

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