Sapphire Teases Pulse Variant of the RX 6800 XT

Sapphire Teases Pulse Variant of the RX 6800 XT

Sapphire just teased its flagship Nitro+ RX 6800 XT yesterday, and like clockwork, they are teasing another card today. This morning they announced the new RX 6800 XT Pulse on Twitter with a black shroud and triple-fan cooler design, making this the 2nd custom-built RX 6800 XT the company has revealed so far.

We don’t know anything about the card’s specifications right now, all we have is a sneak peek of the Pulse’s triple-fan cooler and that’s it. It is cool to see both the Nitro and the Pulse will feature triple-fan cooler designs. If you look at Sapphire’s RX 5700 XT offerings, the Nitro was the only model that featured triple-fan cooling. Traditionally the Pulse cards from Sapphire are just a notch down in hierarchy from the company’s flagship Nitro series of graphics cards. Usually, the Pulse lineup has slightly fewer features, a less powerful cooler, and a smaller form factor over the Nitro cards. 

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