Review: Geisha Sushi Bar is back on a roll | Dining

Review: Geisha Sushi Bar is back on a roll | Dining

Vo worked at Flying Fish before taking over the restaurant about five years ago, renaming it Geisha Sushi Bar.

“A friend of mine worked at Flying Fish, and he recommended me for a job,” Vo said. “And I just fell in love with making sushi. I love the whole process — combining ingredients, creating the presentation.”

While Geisha Sushi Bar continues to offer in-house dining, my cohort for this review — who was quite eager to try what this Geisha had to offer — was less than eager to spend any amount of time in an enclosed space that was not home. So I opted for takeaway (the service rating reflects the convenience and efficiency of this process).

We each selected two rolls and one appetizer from Geisha’s lengthy menu, which includes a variety of sushi preparations, from nigiri to makimono, salads, sashimi and soups, as well as a few classic Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

For the appetizers, we chose the egg rolls ($7.95) and the shrimp shumai ($7.95). The house-made egg rolls would be hard to improve. The filling, a mix of finely chopped chicken, cabbage and carrots generously seasoned with black pepper, was densely packed into thin wrappers that fried up light and crisp. While they came with a sweet chili sauce, these egg rolls were tasty enough on their own.

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The shrimp shumai were more problematic. The six pieces in our order appeared to have been deep fried, rather than steamed, and the result was an odd flavor and texture. We had also ordered a bowl of miso soup ($2.50), which was not amongst the bags and boxes I carried away.

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