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Raspberry Pi OS Update Brings Accelerated Web Browsing

Today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced an end of year update to its 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS, formerly Raspbian. This update sees improvements to Chromium, PulseAudio becoming the default audio server, and printing is made much easier. The update also provides configuration options for the Raspberry Pi 400 and the new Raspberry Pi 4 Case Fan.

(Image credit: Raspberry Pi Trading)

Starting with improvements to the Chromium web browser (now version 84), thanks to the Raspberry Pi team’s work, we finally see hardware-accelerated video playback for YouTube videos and streaming media services. The team also improved video conferencing clients such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, a welcome addition given the world that we now live in. The final note for Chromium is that version 84 of the browser will be the last to come with Adobe Flash Player. Adobe will retire the player at the end of 2020.  

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