Pregnant women in Sheba coronavirus wards to get mini ultrasound device

Pregnant women in Sheba coronavirus wards to get mini ultrasound device

PulseNmore will partner with Sheba Medical Center to provide pregnant women, hospitalized in the medical center with coronavirus, with miniature ultrasounds devices so that they can better monitor the health of their unborn children. 

The PulseNmore ES miniaturized ultrasound device allows real-time interactive remote ultrasound sessions or the recording of offline scans that can be reviewed later by medical staff. This will allow Sheba maternity ward staff to remotely monitor and provide care to pregnant women in coronavirus wards. 

Every woman in Sheba’s coronavirus wars will be given a device so that they can scan themselves providing medical staff with the ability to assess the health of the fetus by observing amniotic fluid volumes, cardiac activity and more.

The cooperation comes following the increase in severe COVID-19 cases in pregnant women. Sheba is working to increase care to antepartum and labor and delivery wards following this increase.

“The challenges of the pandemic have accelerated the need for remote patient care during pregnancy,” said Director of the Sheba Women’s Health Innovation Center Dr. Avi Tsur. 

The Women’s Health Innovation Center aims to provide women with cutting-edge solutions to medical issues by making use of advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, precision medicine and telemedicine.

“We are very pleased to support the efforts of Sheba to remote monitor pregnant women that suffer from COVID-19,” said Founder and CEO of PulseNmore Elazar Sonnenschein.

“Our state-of-the-art product will soon be available in European countries and we are delighted that Israel’s prominent institutions are adopting the device. We believe that Sheba is a great model for other facilities to learn from,” he added.

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