Pascal Rides Again, Nvidia Launches the GeForce GT 1010

Pascal Rides Again, Nvidia Launches the GeForce GT 1010

In a strange turn of events, Nvidia quietly launched a new GPU, the GT 1010, a card which is based on five-year-old Pascal architecture. This news was discovered by YouTuber Dapz who also confirmed the existence of the GT 1010 via a live chat with an Nvidia representative. The GT 1010 is aimed towards very basic graphical workloads like 2D / 3D acceleration and Home Theaters so don’t expect this card to be in our Best Graphics Cards of 2021 lineup. But the GT 1010 should be replacing the much older Kepler-based GT 710 with a healthy boost to performance. Luckily you should be able to snag a GT 1010 in the future as Nvidia’s GT series GPUs are largely unaffected by the current graphics card shortage.

If you are wondering why Nvidia is resurrecting the Pascal architecture, it’s due to how the GT series of cards operate in Nvidia’s lineup. The GT series is designed around basic tasks like 2D/3D acceleration and providing additional display outputs for systems. Tasks like these can already be done with older architectures like Pascal, so implementing a much newer architecture into a GT card really isn’t necessary.

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