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Nigma Galaxy Signs Lucrative Sponsorship Deal With Abu Dhabi Real Estate Firm Aldar

Nigma Galaxy Signs Lucrative Sponsorship Deal With Abu Dhabi Real Estate Firm Aldar

Esports team Nigma Galaxy has announced a new multi-year sponsorship deal with Aldar, a real estate development company based in Abu Dhabi. The deal will see Aldar become the official real estate and education partner of Nigma Galaxy, which is not a title you see often in the world of esports.

The much more interesting part of the deal is that it will see a dedicated training facility built for Nigma Galaxy at the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. The facility will host a range of training programmes and internship opportunities for local talent across a range of esports disciplines.

Outside of the training facility development, Nigma Galaxy players will be able to access the accommodation from Aldar and the team will be providing esports workshops at Aldar Education schools across the UAE.

The Aldar logo will also be present on the Nigma Galaxy jerseys. “This collaboration offers tremendous value on both sides – Aldar is a brand that has deep ties with its communities across Abu Dhabi, and for Nigma Galaxy, it is important we continually look at how we can further support young people,” said Mohamed Morad, Co-Founder of Nigma Galaxy. “This partnership taps into the growing aspirations of the region. We are excited about the creative and educational potential behind the partnership.

Not only are we able to work with Aldar to help shape facilities and initiatives young people will actually find useful but we’re able to create innovative ways to engage with audiences. The in-game activation with Minecraft is a fantastic way to merge our two worlds and really cemented why Aldar was the right partner for us.”

“Central to Aldar’s proposition is the creation of communities, whether through our residential developments, our retail and leisure assets, or our network of schools across the country,” added Rashed Al Omaira, Chief Commercial Officer at Aldar Development. “The significance of this partnership is two-fold; by collaborating with Nigma Galaxy, we are able to facilitate the development of Abu Dhabi’s passionate community of gaming and esports enthusiasts through events and talent development programs, and crucially, it also helps us create an impact amongst the country’s youth. We look forward to actively contributing to the development of the esports industry in the region, unlocking the potential of homegrown talent to compete on the global stage.”

Nigma Galaxy is best known for its flagship Dota 2 roster, which struggled last year and was even relegated from the top European competition. This year the team returns to that top level of play and brings a slightly different roster, adding former OG player Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf to the squad. The competition is set to start on January 8, 2023, although the opening fixtures are yet to be announced.

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