Morgan Hardware honored by City of Rockmart for 120 years in business

Morgan Hardware honored by City of Rockmart for 120 years in business

Note: Photo courtesy of the City of Rockmart’s Facebook page. – KtE

A store with a history in downtown Rockmart continuing to serve the public was celebrated on Tuesday evening by the Rockmart City Council for their regular June session.

Morgan Hardware first opened its doors to customers at the intersection of Elm and Marble Streets in 1901, and have remained open under one owner or another since then, providing friendly service to loyal customers for more than a century.

These days, co-owner Scott Williams said that same set of values still applies to make the store successful, even when someone is seeking hard to find part at Morgan Hardware.

“If a customer comes in and say they need something and we don’t have it, we’ll order it for them. We try to ensure that people get what they need,” he said.

He added that everyone at the store is grateful for the city honoring the longstanding business that is a landmark in downtown Rockmart. The presentation on Tuesday night with city officials included a plaque for the business to put up on display.

“It’s a huge honor. Just for them to think of us, and a huge honor to know that we have been around as long as we have,” he said. “The community has supported us. Without the community support of loyal customers, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business.”

Morgan Hardware has remained in the same location throughout its 120 year history, though changes have been made in the past that remain in place today. For instance, the main warehouse of the building has been in the same footprint, but prior to the mid 20th century the original storefront was located on South Marble Street.

That was moved to Elm Street in 1950, Williams said.

Morgan Hardware was originally owned and operated by the Morgan family, but has changed hands in ownership over the years. Joe and Ruth Kinney bought the store from the family, and their son Scott and his wife Janice Kinney bought it from them. Williams bought into the store most recently with a 50% ownership stake.

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