Mike's Pub remains 'hopeful' for future despite challenges faced

Mike’s Pub remains ‘hopeful’ for future despite challenges faced

HIBBING, MN. — The year 2020 has thrown everyone for a whirlwind, but a Hibbing Pub is taking all the punches thrown at them, and getting right back up.

It’s been one step forward, two steps back for all involved with Mike’s Pub in Hibbing this year.

“We got back up and running, the first fire happened, and then we got back up and running again, and then the second fire happened,” said Michael Egan, Mike’s son, and manager.

In August, the Moose building right next door to Mike’s Pub caught fire.

“In this side from the first fire there wasn’t a whole lot of damage, but our next building over there suffered most of the water and smoke. Over here it got a little smoke damage and that’s about it,” said Egan.

And then three months later, yet another fire happened; this time, on the other side of the pub.

“The second fire was a hundred times worse with the water damage and the smoke damage on this side,” said Egan.

The rebuilding process has now begun for those over at Mike’s Pub, and they plan on making it better than ever.

“Both of the buildings hopefully will be gone on both sides from the two fires and it just opens up more space for us to do something great,” said Carla Magnuson, bartender at Mike’s Pub.

But fires aren’t the only thing they are dealing with as a couple of break-ins have happened since the fires, and now owner Mike Egan is battling COVID-19.

Him not being here has been weird. For us for him not being here, but I’m sure particularly for him not being here. We are trying to document with pictures every day to show that we are trying to hurry up while he is in the hospital so he can come back and just be like wow,” said Magnuson.

Despite all they have been dealt this year, they are looking forward to the future and getting back on their feet.

“Don’t give up, just keep pushing forward, and there always is a silver lining to everything,” said Egan.

Egan adds that his dad is doing well right now and that they plan to re-open in about a month.

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