Local businesses prepare ahead of storm, hardware stores see increased customer traffic

Local businesses prepare ahead of storm, hardware stores see increased customer traffic

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Many Acadiana businesses are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst ahead of Hurricane Delta.

Even hardware stores are seeing preparedness supplies flying off the shelves.

Ji Sonnier of Hollier’s Pharmacy in Breaux Bridge, says they’re closing on Friday.

The pharmacy’s plan was to remain open until 1:00 p.m. but that’s changed.

Sonnier says structurally the store is pretty much prepared.

“The pharmacy is prepared with roll down shutters. Before the hurricane comes, we will roll these down at night before we leave because we will be closed on Friday in preparation,” Sonnier said.

Plus, the early closure will allow his staff to prepare their homes as well.

“It’s just safe to call it the whole day because our staff needs to prepare their homes and families. Plus, if it comes to a mandatory evacuation they need time also,” Sonnier added.

Over at Home Depot on the Northside of Lafayette, being prepared is on the top of the shopping list.

Store manager Quiana Clayton says business owners and homeowners are getting what they need ahead of the storm.

“We are seeing an increase in tarps, plywood, generators and just hurricane preparedness items. Customers are definitely coming in,” Clayton stated.

She says she has staff on-hand to help customers figure out what they need based on their situation and how to use it.

“We’re certainly here to help make sure they get what the need so that they can be prepared,” Clayton noted.

Meanwhile, Sonnier wants to remind residents to have at least a weeks worth of medication. He says anything less than a week is risky.

“Just in case the pharmacy is closed or doesn’t have power, it’s best to reach out to your hometown pharmacy and try to get those refills done before the hurricane hits.”

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