Kioxia Starts Announces Second 3D NAND Fab in Two Months

Kioxia Starts Announces Second 3D NAND Fab in Two Months

In a rather surprising move, Kioxia this week announced plans to expand its Kitakami production site with a new production facility called K2. This is the second fab announcement from Kioxia in less than two months, indicating the company is confident of the growing demand for 3D NAND memory in the coming years. If Kioxia’s expansion plans proceed as scheduled, two new fabs will go online sometime in 2023~2024. 

Kioxia and its partner Western Digital are ramping up 96-layer BiCS 3D NAND memory production at their K1 fab near Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Fab K1 is the largest jointly operated manufacturing facility by size in the world (according to the companies), and its cleanroom is being built over four similarly-sized phases. The companies initiated commercial production of 3D NAND at K1 Phase 1 earlier this year, and volumes are expected to have increased in the interim. Meanwhile, K1 will add three more cleanroom phases over time. 

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