Swedish furniture and accessory store Ikea today announced the upcoming launch of the Dirigera Smart Home Hub,

which supports Matter. The matter is a universal smart home automation connectivity standard that is being adopted by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, and other manufacturers. It promises smart home interoperability and is just beginning to roll out this year.

The Dirigera is an upgrade from the existing Trådfri gateway and is built to handle more product segments. It features a revamped onboarding experience, along with personalization options that include different scenes and pre-set functions for smart products. The Smart Home Hub will work with Ikea smart products, and as it supports Matter, it will also work with other devices that have Matter integration.

The Matter smart home standard has been delayed until fall 2022, but Apple plans to support it, so Apple HomeKit devices should be compatible with Ikea’s Smart Home Hub.

Ikea is planning to deploy a newly updated Ikea Home smart app alongside the Dirigera, and the app is meant to be easier to navigate and more user-friendly for those who are new to the smart home experience.

The Dirigera and the revamped Ikea app are set to launch in October 2022.