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How to Remote Monitor your 3D Printer with Raspberry Pi

3D printing exploded in popularity during the great PPE shortage of 2020 while creating fire hazards for new hobbyists.  Though few and far between, there have been documented instances of unattended 3D printers creating electrical fires. More commonly, we find botched print jobs where the print has lifted from the build surface and is now traveling as a huge glob of filament tangle attached to your hot end. With many 3D prints averaging 4 hours, it is almost humanly impossible to monitor each print from start to finish, but you can have a Raspberry Pi do the work for you and alert you if something goes wrong. 

In this tutorial, we’ll set up OctoPrint on Raspberry Pi 3, sending print jobs from Cura, and The Spaghetti Detective plugin to monitor our prints from anywhere in the world. 

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

What is OctoPrint? 

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