Gianforte supports a future not right for Montana | Letters

Gianforte supports a future not right for Montana | Letters

Did you know HD65 candidate Jolene Crum promotes anti-vaccination policy, HD67 candidate Jedidiah Hinkle when previously in the Legislature voted against having the department of health develop plans to prevent child abuse, HD69 candidate Jennifer Carlson railed against the county’s proposed requirement for masks (a proven way of limiting the spread of COVID-19) in public places, SD31 candidate Nick Allerato railed against the rule of law while lashing out at the county commission for considering all-mail ballots for November, HD68 candidate Caleb Hinkle strongly opposes Medicaid expansion, which provides healthcare coverage to 80,000 Montanans, and Kristen Juras has advocated consistently against Montana’s public stream access laws that Montana fishers rely on.

Does this sound like a future that you’d wish for Montanans? Greg Gianforte appears to like it. He’s given financial support to all of these candidates and picked Juras as his lieutenant governor running mate. Gianforte himself opposes social security (calls it un-Biblical), supports anti-gay organizations, supports repeal of Medicaid, and much more. It’s in stark contrast to the commonsense positions of Mike Cooney. Cooney will make a far better governor for Montana.

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