Genshin Impact's Switch Version Is Supposedly Delayed Because Of Hardware Issues

Genshin Impact’s Switch Version Is Supposedly Delayed Because Of Hardware Issues

A fan source claims Genshin Impact “will likely arrive” on the Switch sometime this year, but that the hardware isn’t quite up to snuff.

Might be bad news for those waiting to play Genshin Impact on the Nintendo Switch. A new rumor claims that the free-to-play RPG is working its way towards the console but is delayed due to a hardware issue. While nothing has been confirmed, the title has been anticipated on the Switch for a while now.

According to Twitter user @GenshinReport, an unofficial resource for news and leaks concerning the RPG, Genshin Impact “will likely arrive” on the Switch sometime this year. The reason it has yet to make its Nintendo debut seems to be a hardware issue. Specifically, “weaker hardware” is the culprit for why the game has yet to come to the console.

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There have been many rumors surrounding why Genshin Impact has yet to appear on the Switch console. As the folks over at DualShockers note, it was speculated that many issues have risen in trying to port the game to Switch. This includes various micro transaction implementations and eShop compatibility.

Of course nothing has been officially confirmed by developer miHoYo so it is hard to tell if a hardware issue is the reason for the game’s absence. However, with the game’s popularity being what it is, it would make sense that an issue of sorts would stop Nintendo from taking advantage of the game and its fanbase. Plus, with the game being as large as it is map-wise, it makes sense that some hardware work-around would be needed. Even certain mobile devices have an issue running the massive RPG.

The wildly popular Genshin Impact launched back in September of last year for PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile. The game was an immediate hit and has already amassed millions of fans and dollars. The game continues to stay relevant through ongoing updates that add new stories, characters, and fun for fans. The most recent update for the game, Version 1.5, introduced several new characters and events for players to join. Though that update released at the end of April, fans are now eager for the next, Version 1.6, and what fun that will surely introduce to the free-to-play RPG.

As fans wait for a Switch version, Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PlayStation, and mobile.

Source: DualShockers

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Mihoyo Implements 2FA For Genshin Impact

Mihoyo Implements 2FA For Genshin Impact

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