GeForce RTX 3060 and RTX 3090 in Weekend Newegg Shuffle

GeForce RTX 3060 and RTX 3090 in Weekend Newegg Shuffle

Saturday’s Newegg Shuffle targets the best and the worst, at least in performance, of Nvidia’s Ampere lineup. The RTX 3060 and RTX 3090 are at polar ends of the GPU spectrum, and priced accordingly. Either way, you’re getting one of the best graphics cards — assuming you win the chance to buy one of these GPUs.

A dozen bundles comprise today’s offerings, with power supplies and motherboards being the common option, though there’s also one monitor bundle. Newegg likes to bundle hard-to-find graphics cards with other components as a way to push stock, and while it makes for more money up front, you’re still generally paying less than what you’d have to fork over if you tried to buy just the graphics card on eBay. In fact, our eBay GPU pricing index suggests some people might just be putting their ‘winnings’ up for sale to earn a buck, not that we’d recommend that.

If you’re wondering how the cards perform, our GPU benchmarks hierarchy has the details. We’ve also recently covered how modern GPUs perform in ray tracing benchmarks, where Nvidia’s DLSS can make a huge difference. Basically, RTX 3060 cards are about as fast as the RTX 2070 from 2018, but with more memory (and less memory bandwidth). The RTX 3090 meanwhile reigns as the king of the GPU hill, with 24GB of VRAM for good measure. It’s about 25% faster than the old Titan RTX, and right now costs nearly as much.

For those unfamiliar with the process, Newegg Shuffle uses a lottery format. Just select the component(s) you’d like to potentially buy. Then Newegg will hold a drawing later today, after which the ‘winners’ will be notified by email with the chance to purchase an item (only one) within a several-hour period. Based on our experience, you won’t get selected most of the time. But hey, it’s free to try.

We noted recently that Newegg says about 100,000 people enter the Shuffle each time, which would make your odds of winning pretty poor. Except, we don’t know how many of each combo are available. With 12 options today, if we assume 10 of each that gives 120 total winners. That would be a 0.12% chance of winning, though if there are more — or less — of the combos available, the odds obviously change. Our GPU editor has entered nearly every shuffle for the past month and got selected just once, while others say they’ve never been selected and some claim they’ve won multiple times. YMMV. Here’s the full list of today’s options:

The most enticing options seem to be the EVGA RTX 3060 combos, as we’re never sad about having a decent qualty spare PSU around. Plus, the prices are downright reasonable. Assuming $70–$100 for the power supply, that means the RTX 3060 cards only cost around $400. You won’t find a lower price on a modern graphics card right now!

The Asus 3060 bundles by comparison cost over $100 more, and while they come with more expensive motherboards, having a potential spare board isn’t nearly as helpful in our experience. If you’re planning on building a PC using a B450 motherboard, though, they’re still worth a look. The pairing of a top-tier eSports gaming monitor with a modest graphics card on the other hand just feels a bit… off.

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