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Gaza-developed device helps stop spread of coronavirus in enclave

Gaza-developed device helps stop spread of coronavirus in enclave

A new device developed in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, in which customers at stores are met by a multitasking disinfection machine, has been working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the densely populated and impoverished enclave, according to a Medical press report on Thursday. The device works by spraying hand sanitizer while taking the person’s temperature, which stands at a two meter distance and offers a comprehensive disinfection procedure. In the event that someone’s temperature is too high, a red light will go off, while also preventing the customer from entering the store.  “In Gaza, we have basic devices imported from abroad to measure temperatures, and others to disinfect, but our devices combine multiple technologies in one,” creator and Palestinian businesswoman Heba al-Hindi said.The current infection rate in the Gaza Strip stands at 5,440 with 31 deaths. “When COVID-19 reached the Gaza Strip, I told myself I had to find a way to fight its spread,” said Hindi. “Then came the idea of creating a sanitizer and I designed these smart machines.”The businesswoman is a 37-year-old mathematics graduate who heads Innovation Makers, a company known for creating anti-coronavirus products, such as a blue and yellow robot-like machine aimed toward children. “We’re focusing on a Palestinian product and a Palestinian invention from within the siege in the Gaza Strip, to show this invention to the world,” Hindi noted.The company has thus far sold dozens of machines to stores in Gaza, ranging in price from $550 and $1,500 depending on the technology used.It has also been patented by the Ramallah-based Palestinian economy ministry. Despite the success of the device, Hindi has noted that it has been difficult to get parts for further development, due in part to Israeli restrictions on materials entering the Gaza Strip.”The device is remarkable. Something new is being developed in Gaza,” hospitality manager at the Gaza eatery Matar Matar said.

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