Future State Reunites DC's Most Beloved Newlyweds, Nightwing and Babara Gordon

Future State Reunites DC’s Most Beloved Newlyweds, Nightwing and Babara Gordon

In Future State: The Next Batman #4, Cassandra Cain’s Batgirl just reunited the DC’s most beloved newlyweds and gave them a small army.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Batgirls story in Future State: The Next Batman#4, by Vita Ayala, Aneke, Trish Mulvihill and Becca Carey on sale now.

As Future State: The Next Batman #4 continues to show just how Gotham’s vigilantes are trying to fight back against the Magistrate, the Batgirls just dove into a detention facility being used to house former heroes and villains by the fascist city.

However, as bleak as it looks, there’s one ray of hope emerging in Cassandra Cain, who is is able to reunite DC’s most beloved newlyweds, Baraba Gordon and Dick Grayson, and add to their family for the massive rebellion to come.

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The last issue focused on Cass being imprisoned, sneaking in to find the missing Bruce Wayne, who she thinks is still alive and hidden below in the jail’s catacombs. While she fights with Stephanie Brown at first, thinking that Steph sold them out, this is all part of Nightwing’s plan to have Stephanie infiltrate the facility. And with Cass there too, Spoiler gets an extra warrior to help out and go beneath to find out what’s being hidden, or more precisely who.

Spoiler orchestrates a riot and Cass, using a nullifier that makes her invisible to cameras, sneaks under, finding Barbara Gordon. Her mind is trapped in a war loop to break her, but Cass gets her free and thinking clearly again. Barbata won’t leave the others behind, though, and hacks into the system that was tapped into her mind a few moments earlier. This enables her to become Oracle again and she lets in Nightwing, Tim Drake, Batwoman and others in the Resistance.

It’s all-out war and they take the prison, making it clear their rebellion is only just starting. They also send word out to the masses to not give into the Magistrate and Peacekeepers, as the age of heroes will be starting again. To make things look even better, Barbara and her team have a bigger army now with the likes of Black Lightning, Cheetah, Croc, Two-Face and so many more with them at their new base. Now, it’s only a matter of time before they strike back and strike hard.

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In this optimistic, resilient moment, Dick and Barbara are truly together again. Without each other, they were a bit lost but they reaffirm their love once more, calling back to Dark Nights: Death Metal when Bruce married them.

Cassandra overhears them and she’s really happy that she could reunite the duo because she knows they need experienced, capable leaders. Barb has also uncovered intel that Bruce is out there, which gives them a new mission to find the Dark Knight and restore both the Bat-Family and Gotham City to its glory days.

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