Future State Introduces a New Injustice League and DESTROYS It

Future State Introduces a New Injustice League and DESTROYS It

Future State: Justice League #1 murders and creates a deadlier Legion of Doom after Jon Kent and his crew of heroes are duped by mysterious forces.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State: Justice League #1, by Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

The DC Universe prides itself on secret societies being thorns in the side of the Justice League. Most recently, the Legion of Doom helped Perpetua after being used by the Apex Predator, Lex Luthor in the lead-up to Dark Nights: Death Metal, and they even appeared in the Harley Quinn cartoon, trying to bring DC’s elite heroes to their knees.

With its prominent role in the present DC Universe, it’s not surprising that the Legion of Doom lives on to fight a new generation of heroes in Future State: Justice League #1. But even though they’re mighty, this Legion of Doom doesn’t last for long.

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Future State Injustice League

In the Hall of Justice, T.O. Morrow is present with Despera (Despero’s daughter), Amaz-X (the new Amazo), the Flash nemesis Cobalt Blue, the Screech Owl (who hates Batman), Aquawoman’s nemesis, the Flood, and the angry Ultraviolet Lantern. There’s an old decrepit Brainiac as well, and while they tout themselves as an improved Legion of Doom, they’re not all that they think they are.

As Jon Kent’s Superman, Jo Mullein’s Green Lantern, the new Batman and DC’s Future State heroes learn hours later, this Legion was massacred by an unknown force. Although as Jo runs her forensics, she can’t tell who did it, not even with the help of the others. Everyone more or less brushes it off, but Jon knows that something’s up, since it would take heavy-hitters for such an efficient kill. However, they don’t want to bond like a family to stop themselves from making the mistakes of their predecessors made, which leaves Jo to finish the analysis. Jon bonds with Yara Flor, the new Wonder Woman, though, hoping she can convince them to unite the right way.

But soon enough these villains strike again, as they reveal themselves to be the Hyperclan of White Martians.

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Hyperclan Future State Justice League

A version of Jon and Yara neutralize Aquawoman and Flash on their secret pseudo-date, while doppelgängers ambush the rest of the League. They’re all dropped into some mysterious prison with the evil League arriving back at derelict Hall of Justice. As it turns out, T.O. Morrow’s crew unleashed the shape-shifting Hyperlan to pretend to be the League, but Protex, the leader, had bigger ideas that involved no one controlling them. He led the assault, killing off the villains, before assuming the identities of the League.

The Hyeprclan’s powers has only grown over time, since they were even able to fool Jo, who’s equipment showed that the Martian had Jon’s DNA. And now that the White Martians have trapped the League in their old prison, the Hyeprclan will do everything in their power to tarnish the Justice League’s image by doing much more than killing some villains in a run-down building.

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