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Monmouth native Valerie Zaric launched the “Future-Proof Career” podcast in September 2020.

Future-proofing your career; Monmouth native’s podcast seeks to reduce job anxiety

MONMOUTH — When Monmouth native Valerie Zaric looked around the contemporary workplace, she saw stress and anxiety everywhere. 

“The world is so fearful right now,” Zaric said. “We’re worried about COVID, jobs, our livelihood, and there’s a point where that long-term stress can get to you and be completely draining.”

Zaric, a 2008 graduate of Monmouth-Roseville High School, studied art at Coe College and earned a master’s degree in library science. 

Now working in the corporate world and caring for two young children, she’s now combining her business experience and her creative background on a career-themed podcast and radio show to help others — and herself — reduce the anxiety she was witnessing all around her.

In September, Zaric, who now lives in Madison, Wisconsin, launched the “Future-Proof Career” podcast. 

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