Football will get independent regulator after fan-led review — Tracey Crouch MP

Football will get independent regulator after fan-led review — Tracey Crouch MP

What has been said?

Talking on the podcast, Crouch said: “I think we will (have an independent regulator) because it’s been called for for too long.

“I was talking to Richard Caborn (Former Minister for Sport) about some of these issues in governance when he was minister 20 years ago. How many times did we stand up and say, football has had its chance to reform itself.

“It just didn’t. It’s an uncomfortable place to be, but football didn’t do it. So unfortunately, there does need to be some look at independent regulation of aspects of what happens in English football.

“I don’t know what that looks like or what it regulates. What I do know is that it’s not fit for purpose as it stands at the moment.”

What else did she say?

Crouch added: “It’s a genie that’s been let out of the bottle and it’s not going back in.

“The question is actually not about an independent regulator. It’s about what it regulates. And I think that’s going to be the sticking point. I think the Premier League and the FA and co have become a lot more open-minded and perhaps recognise now that this is the future of what it looks like.

“It is about what it will regulate and also where does it sit? Is it a separate regulator, like an Ofcom? Or is it a beefed up but entirely independent football regulatory authority that still sits within the FA family? Those sorts of questions are what the lawyers and the experts on the panel are going to be able to help with.”

Who is on the panel?

Roy Hodgson announced on Sunday that he will join the panel along with Kevin Miles, the chief executive of the Football Supporters’ Association and life-long Newcastle United fan.

Former Leeds United defender Clarke Carlisle is another member, as is consultancy firm Deloitte’s Sport Business Group partner Dan Jones.

The chief executive of Everton, Denise Barrett-Baxendale, will also be taking part along with columnist and House of Lords member Daniel Finkelstein.

David Mahoney, chief operating officer at the England and Wales Cricket Board is on the panel, along with Cambridge United board member Godric Smith, former Southport FC secretary James Tedford and FA Women’s Super League chair Dawn Airey.

What will the panel do?

The panel aims to canvass fans’ views on ownership, governance and financial flows within the game.

It will add to the recommendations of the English Football League’s Governance Review and the government’s 2016 expert working group on Football Supporter Ownership and Engagement.

This includes examining possible changes to the Owners’ and Directors’ tests, ownership models, governance, financing the game and how to give supporters a louder voice in the running of football.

In addition, they will assess if there is a need for an independent football regulator, charged with implementing regulation and compliance, and how that could work within the existing framework provided by the Football Association, Premier League and English Football League.

Earlier this month, more than 20 media figures — including Gary Neville, Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand — penned an open letter, along with a petition, to demand the creation of a new football regulatory body.

A final report is expected in the Autumn.

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