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Final Vax-a-Million Winners Announced: Weekly Review

Vax-a-Million: 5th, Final Winners Announed

OHIO — Esperanza Diaz, from Cincinnati, is the fifth Ohioan to win $1 million through the Vax-a-Million lottery.The winner of the four-year college scholarship is Sydney Daum, from Brecksville…. Read more

Ticks Carry Dangerous Diseases In Ohio: How To Avoid The Insect

OHIO — With summer in full swing, more Ohioans are wading into the woods and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, anyone going outdoors in the Buckeye State faces the threat of ticks. … Read more

Jared Drake Bell Pleads Guilty To Attempted Endangering Child

CLEVELAND — Actor Jared Drake Bell pleaded guilty Wednesday to two child endangerment charges in Cleveland. Bell, 34, was charged with attempted endangering of a child, a fourth-degree felony,… Read more

Poison Plant Blooming In Ohio: How To Spot It, What To Know

OHIO — A poisonous plant is now in full bloom in Ohio. Poison hemlock is a noxious weed that is extremely harmful to humans and… Read more

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