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Fear The Walking Dead's Marketing Is Even Worse Than The Show

Fear The Walking Dead’s Marketing Is Even Worse Than The Show

If you think Season 7 of Fear The Walking Dead is pretty bad,

just wait until you watch the show’s latest promo. It’s a silly parenting book for the apocalypse and members of the cast are “enthusiastically” endorsing it.

“The Future In Your Hands: Parenting In The Apocalypse” is the name of the fake book, and each character/cast member endorses it as a list of topics scrolls across the screen.

“Baby-proofing your bunker,” Dwight actor Austin Amelio says with all the excitement of a half-dead horse Fear The Walking Dead.

“How to change a diaper,” Sherry actor Christine Evangelista says. “And you thought walkers smelled bad.” Oh, oh my sides, I’m laughing so hard at that joke. So, so hard.

Recently-deceased Wes (Colby Hollman) looks like he’s almost in pain when he says “extinction in the age of extinction” and when Alycia Debnam-Carey says “How to talk to children about the before times” she looks like a person who just wants to get the hell out of there as soon as someone says “cut!”

Cut and run, basically. And she really should.

Here’s the promo:

I know I’ve posited the theory that Fear’s showrunners are actively trying to destroy the show for some unknown reason, but it appears AMC’s marketing department is determined to help them in that effort Fear The Walking Dead.

I don’t know about you but seeing Jenna Elfman say “potty training without a potty” does not make me want to watch a zombie show.

“Goodbye screen-time,” Colman Domingo drones out. “Benefits of a television-free world.”

“Available wherever books are sold,” Karen David says before the punchline: “Wait, where are books sold now?”

Oh, you goofballs! This is totally the way to get ratings up!

Fear The Walking Dead has just two more episodes left this season. Madison is coming back soon. I’m not sure why Kim Dickens is getting back on this sinking ship but more power to her, I guess. It seems likely that many of the other actors will be leaving as soon as they’re contractually able to.

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