Developers explore ideas for the future of downtown GR

Developers explore ideas for the future of downtown GR

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — In the midst of the pandemic, Grand Rapids leaders and developers are focusing on the future as they begin to design and discuss the next big thing to come to the downtown area — The possibility of an amphitheater is near the top of the list.

Grand Action, the not for profit group that helped bring the Van Andel Arena and DeVos Place to downtown, has come together again to envision what’s next for the city.

As talk and excitement about future projects spread throughout the community, Truscott made it clear that nothing has been decided on and every possibility is still in the early discussion stages.  

Truscott said Grand Action is currently conducting research projects examining a few different ideas, including a downtown amphitheater and soccer stadium.  

Another source close to the project, Richard MacKeigan of ASM Global, said the Convention Arena Authority recently gave his team the go ahead to identify a potential downtown site for an amphitheater.

While they’re still a ways away from being a done deal, MacKeigan thinks now is the time to be looking into an amphitheater.

“Hypothetically, you’re looking at a 2 to 3-year window (for development),” MacKeigan said. “And I think outdoor live entertainment is going to come back stronger than ever.”

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