Deadline for Food Assistance Aid approaches | Farm & Ranch

Deadline for Food Assistance Aid approaches | Farm & Ranch

Federal aid set aside for farmers and ranchers affected by COVID-19 market disruption, is only available until Dec. 11 deadline.

Anne Kelly with the Scottsbluff U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency said the deadline is quickly approaching for the second Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, known as CFAP2. The program was created when Congress approved funding for producers after the severe market shock.

“Many of the crops and livestock raised in Nebraska are eligible commodities for this program,” Kelly said in an interview, adding that most offices are doing appointments over the phone due to COVID-19 in-person restrictions.

Bobbie Kriz-Wickham, the Nebraska Farm Service Agency public affairs/outreach coordinator, said more than 300 commodities are on the list, including major crops like corn, cattle, soybeans, wheat and hogs. Other specialty fruits and vegetables, aquaculture and nursery crops may also be eligible.

Kriz-Wickham said as of the end of November, Nebraska has issued $755 million in aid payments since September. It’s the second highest rate in the nation behind Iowa. In first round of aid packages, Nebraska issued $719 million in assistance.

“As an ad hoc program, it is something new so there isn’t a “normal” to which to compare it,” she said.

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