USB to SATA Adapter Mysterious Disappearance in DM Disk Drives

Constant and multiples BSOD, I replaced some hardware and nothing…

Hello guys, This is my first post around here, first of all I want to thank you for your kind help and advice.


I built a rig for my brother in september 2019, Ryzen 5 3600, b450 tomahawk, 16 GB of ram, 1TB SSD, and we used his old gpu a gtx 970. The PC was working very well, but one month ago aprox, it began having random BSOD, so I did the following:


1) reinstalled Windows 10 : Still crashed a lot


2) Tried a working 8gb ram stick (from my own pc) : Still BSOD


3)Tried another GPU : Still BSOD


4)After that, I bought a new motherboard an Gygabite Aorus 550 Elite, which I installed yesterday, sadly I kept getting constant and different BOSD, Reinstalled Windows once again, and no luck.


5)After that, I activated the windows minidump thing, and ran memtest86 , 8/8 passes completed without a single error.


I also ran CrystalDiskInfo, and no problems detected.


Random things: The PC has frozen a couple of times, just frozen, so I had to shut it down and restart,  another thing, Chrome crashes a lot, last crash it said “Out of memory”, I have to reload the page.


I think I’m done switching and buying parts, without  advice, and that is why I’m here, I’m really grateful for any input you can give me.

Speccy Snapshot:

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