City school board to review Community Partnerships plan with Manchester Proud | Education

City school board to review Community Partnerships plan with Manchester Proud | Education

Members of Manchester Proud will go before the school board Monday night, seeking an endorsement of the group’s proposed School-Community Partnerships Network.

In February 2020, the Manchester Board of School Committee approved a new district strategic plan.

The plan is founded on a core belief that Manchester’s public schools are an essential community asset, and one aspect involves strengthening and expanding partnerships between Manchester schools and community organizations and businesses. The Manchester School District and city schools already collaborate with an array of nonprofits, businesses, public agencies, faith institutions, and universities and colleges to support students, staff and families.

Members of Manchester Proud and other school officials believe the potential for greater collaboration exists by tapping into the full spectrum of community resources. To that end, Manchester Proud has convened the Partnership Network Work Group — consisting of school and community leaders — to develop a coordinated and sustainable network of partnerships to support students, staff, families and the community.

Manchester Proud has been advertising a paid position with the organization for a few weeks.

Applications for the new community partnerships coordinator position were due last Friday, according to the group’s website.

The new coordinator will collaborate with the Manchester community, its business and community leaders, and the school district and oversee the new School-Community Partnership Network.

Though the new community partnerships coordinator will be an employee of Manchester Proud and will report to the Champion’s Council, the community partnerships coordinator will be located in the school district’s administrative headquarters to ensure alignment between the work of Manchester Proud and the district.

Manchester Proud is governed by its Champion’s Council of 24 community representatives, including Manchester School District officials and teachers. The role of the Champion’s Council is to provide oversight of Manchester Proud’s mission, ensure purpose and alignment of all Manchester Proud activities, and exercise fiduciary responsibilities.

Through fundraising efforts, the new community partnerships coordinator position is fully funded for three years and could be extended.

Payroll and benefits services will be administered by Manchester Proud’s fiscal agent, Granite United Way.

Salary for the position is anticipated to fall in the $55,000-$60,000 range, plus benefits.

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