The Young Accomplice by Benjamin Wood review

Benjamin Wood

“Was this how it was going to be for ever?” wonders Joyce Savigear Benjamin Wood facing another afternoon of drudgery at EH Lacey’s department store in postwar Maidstone, Kent. Joyce is 16 and at a crossroads. Before she is mysterious, Mal Duggan looks invitingly up from a Daimler’s driving seat; behind her are endless hours […]

Henry Kissinger review – lessons in diplomacy from a master of the dark

Henry Kissinger

Christopher Hitchens once called Henry Kissinger a “stupendous liar with a remarkable memory”. Leaving judgment aside on the first part of that description, at 99 Henry Kissinger seems set on proving Hitchens right on the second. While many people who make it to that age struggle to recall their own name, the grand old man […]

The Digital Republic by Jamie Susskind review – how to tame big tech

tame big tech

There was a moment when Facebook was a democracy tame big tech. Blink and you would have missed it, but in December 2012, as part of an initiative announced three years earlier by Mark Zuckerberg, the company unveiled new terms and conditions that it wanted to impose on users. They were invited to vote on […]

The Social Distance Between Us by Darren McGarvey Book Review

Darren McGarvey Book

A hundred pages into The Social Distance Between Us, the Scottish writer, broadcaster and rapper Darren McGarvey Book describes the time he spent in Aberdeen while he was filming a series for the BBC. The city, he muses, may well be Scotland’s most beautiful metropolis, where “beams reflect off the granite, rendering even the most […]

Shakespeare First Folio copy estimated to fetch $2.5m in New York auction

Shakespeare First Folio

An original copy of William shakespeare first folio – often referred to as the most important book in English literature – will be auctioned next month in New York. The book, which was printed almost 400 years ago, is one of fewer than 20 copies left in private hands and is estimated to fetch up […]

Sally Rooney in conversation with Patricia Lockwood

Patricia Lockwood

Sally and I began this conversation when I was in London, Patricia Lockwood having flown there to attend the Dylan Thomas prize ceremony. My husband, Jason, had experienced a medical emergency on the plane from Los Angeles and had been rushed to Charing Cross hospital as soon as we touched down, so my emails were […]

TeamViewer Powers Manchester United’s Operations And More

TeamViewer Powers Manchester United’s Operations And More

TeamViewer may be one of the best-kept secrets, at least in North America, in the world of IT. Founded in 2005 in Goppingen, Germany, just outside of Stuttgart, the company is known for its development of remote desktop support tools. TeamViewer’s comprehensive set of solutions now extends beyond IT break-fix into remote access and control […]

New Apple Watch Design Reveals Apple’s Unsettling Camera Plans

New Apple Watch Design Reveals Apple’s Unsettling Camera Plans

Apple has revealed plans for a radical upgrade to the Apple Watch that will raise privacy concerns. In a recently-granted patent, Apple details a range of designs that install a tiny camera inside an Apple Watch. Such a camera would give users the benefit of being able to take pictures without having to reach for […]

Map of Hope and Sorrow by Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan Review

Helen Benedict

In this timely book, Helen Benedict, a British-American professor, and Eyad Awwadawnan, a Syrian writer and refugee, expose the appalling conditions of the overcrowded Greek camps where desperate people fleeing war, persecution, poverty and violence are confined and denied their legal rights under the watch of the west. As a consequence of the 2016 deal […]