Carthage hardware store reopens doors after renovation | KSNF/KODE

Carthage hardware store reopens doors after renovation | KSNF/KODE

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CARTHAGE, Mo. — A local hardware store reopens its doors revealing a renovated past.

The 140-year-old Carthage hardware store reopened its doors Tuesday on the square under new management. After purchasing the store back in December, Eddie and Melanie Grundy worked with their team to completely refurbish the building.

During construction the team discovered writings on the old walls of the store from former employees and customers.

Drake Huckstep, Director of Marketing, said, “On the first floor there’s a couple cutouts like signatures and dates and other notes that other employees and people in the store have left. On the second floor there’s a lot more, we’re busy restoring it cause a lot of them are on walls we need to eventually take down. So we’re trying to preserve the history but also remodel the store.”

The writings are estimated to date back to the early 1930’s. Plans are in place to preserve and display more of the writings with further renovations and building enhancements including a contractor based area and a design studio.

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