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Can I swap components from damaged laptop to avoid reinstall

I went home yesterday to find my laptop broken (probably due to kids jumping on the furniture). Screen smashed and not laptop not powering on (power light just lighting and going out when charger is plugged in and on button not illuminating at all). I would like to avoid having to set up a new laptop from scratch and had only recently put in an SSD drive. The laptop is not a recent model but enough performance for my needs and readily available on ebay. Hard drive is fine as I have removed and connected as an external drive to another laptop.


I am reasonably competent ( I like to think) having swapped components before and replaced components in tablets and phones. 


My question is if I buy another laptop of the same model and swap motherboard (assuming it’s OK) and swap hard drive will it just power up as if nothing happened or is there anything else I need to do.



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