CHICO, Calif. – One group in Butte County has come up with a way to say so long to 2020 and put this year to rest. It is called the Butte County time capsule project.

The idea is for people to submit letters or photos which reflect how your life has changed this year, or any hopes for the future.

The creator of the project, Kelly Connolly, said she thinks this is an important step for the community moving forward into 2021.

“I thought it might have been more meaningful if we have something written down on paper so people don’t have to sift through all the stuff online while we have it just in one place, and also as a cathartic experience as well. I think that because people have had such a difficult year it would be nice to put it down on paper and just put it in the ground,” said Connolly.

She said letters sent in will not be read, they will simply be put away.

The group is working to get the box buried at either the Bidwell Mansion or the Chico Cemetery. Letters can be submitted until December 23, 2020. For information on how to take part in this project, Click Here.

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