USB to SATA Adapter Mysterious Disappearance in DM Disk Drives

BIOS screen is Flickering. ASUS ROG g531GT laptop

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Not enough information as of yet.   Need make/model of laptop found on bottom of it as well did you add things ?  What is the make and model of the Video Card.

What version Bios are you running. ?

What version of Windows Home or Pro and build # ?


Seems you are unsure what you did in BIOS.


Suggest set it at default and reboot.

You can flash your Bios backwards to a earlier version.


If you have turned on the VGA chip in BIOS disable it and enable the other Video Card then try it back up @ 120hz

So you have a Intel Graphics is that the VGA or the onboard chip and is there a 2nd onboard ???  See below you may have to reinstall the Drivers from your Support Page :


Please note Windows 10 can and will change all drivers on your system including Motherboard Drivers.   You can check in Device Manager to see if they have been changed to Microsoft.


Ok, should have duplicated the laptop info into the body besides the topic.

So, are you at the latest BIOS : Version 307    Released  on 2020/06/05  You must download both the files listed as 307 : BIOS for ASUS EZ Flash Utility
Improve System Stability and BIOS Installer for Windows Improve System Stability .

NOW :  Read your manual for how to Flash Your BIOS


You must be running the : Chipset Version V12.0.4.0    Released on 2020/10/14 by ASUS as it is required by the board for the ASUS NFC driver / FC driver to detect keystone feature  (what ever that is as not going to read your manual for you)

Suggest download the Chipset and install it again and if Microsoft says your running a newer version tell it to go away and continue with the install.


As do not know what version of Windows you have some of this page may or may not apply to you :

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