Back to the Future Turns Biff Into the Transformers’ Mechanic

Back to the Future Turns Biff Into the Transformers’ Mechanic

An iconic ’80s villain turned over a new leaf, and the Biff Tannen of the Transformers/Back to the Future crossover is by far the best Biff of all.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Transformers/Back to the Future #4 by Cavan Scott, Juan Samu, David Garcia Cruz, Candice Han and Neil Uyetake, on sale now.

The epic crossover between the worlds of Transformers and Back to the Future has finally reached its finale in the most explosive confrontation that Hill Valley has ever seen. While the Autobots have done everything they can to reunite Gigawatt, the now-sentient DeLorean time machine, with Doc Brown and Marty McFly, the Decepticons have been just as hard at work ensuring that no one else interferes with their grand future. Luckily for the heroes of this incredible story, they’ve just gained an ally who is as valuable as they are unexpected, and Biff Tannen has just found his own best self among the wreckage of the future.

While the rest of the Autobots are caught in the firefight between themselves and the massive Decepticon Clocktower, Marty and Gigawatt have only narrowly been able to escape back into the timestream thanks to the help of Doc Brown and Skilz. Now the two of them have set a crash course for the very same DeLorean that became Gigawatt, although this time around it hasn’t yet been captured by the Decepticon Rumble. Gigawatt and Marty are able to intercept the malicious Robot in Disguise, but Rumble is no slouch himself and soon opens fire on the heroes. Before he can do too much damage, another fighter enters the fray from out of nowhere in the form of Biff Tannen, the Back to the Future franchise’s own longtime villain who has somehow always escaped redemption.

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Biff Tannen has been a bully ever since his very first appearance back in the original 1985 Back to the Future. Constantly tormenting Marty’s father George McFly and known for his poorly mixed metaphors, Biff’s first comeuppance came when Marty initially traveled back to 1955 and convinced his then-high-school-age father to stand up to Biff. With some newfound humility having been knocked into him, this Biff is far less of a nuisance when Marty and Doc Brown return to their own time.

In the sequel film, Biff’s future self is able to enrich his own life to the detriment of everyone else by stealing the time machine, becoming a pompous, rich and murderous madman after acquiring his ill gotten gains. Of course, Biff is once again reduced to a shell of his former self by the heroic actions of Doc and Marty, and upon the heroes’ second return to their own era they discover a still malevolent Biff Tannen who carries an odd sort of respect for the McFly family. Neither of these are particularly great fates for anyone, even a villain like Biff, though it seems that he has found a sort of heroic redemption for himself by watching Marty put his own neck on the line in the battle against the Decepticons.

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While Biff may not be a rich or powerful man as he has always coveted, heroism is indeed a good color on him. Not only does he take a stand against Rumble, but he even buries the maniacal machine under a truckload of Energon cubes with glee. Not only that, but he is the one who rebuilds the almost totaled Gigawatt following the final battle with the Decepticons, proving that for once he wasn’t just acting in his own interests. After nearly forty decades tormenting the McFlys, it’s almost impossible to believe that Biff Tannen has finally turned over a new leaf. Then again, in the world of the Transformers, there always is more than meets the eye.

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