Avon Lake power plant to be torn down; future plans for space in the works

Avon Lake power plant to be torn down; future plans for space in the works

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WOIO) – The power plant in Avon Lake has been there since the early 1900s, and now pieces of it are coming to the ground.

“The reality is the whole economy is moving into the green energy, as opposed to coal and so forth, and that’s been a concern for a number of residents,” explains Mayor Greg Zilka.

But the process of saying goodbye to this historical landmark won’t be as simple as tearing the building down.

“We have the employees that are currently at the plant. We have the tax revenue from the plant. We have the historic value of a 100-year-old institution,” said Economic Development Director Ted Esborn.

Around 50 people will be losing their jobs during the transition. The city is partnering with the Ohio Means Jobs program to help them land on their feet.

“We hope that we can turn it into something commercial or residential and reinvigorate that portion of town,” said Zilka. “It’s going to affect the properties around it.”

Mayor Zilka says they are planning to keep some of the existing structure in order to keep the memory of the plant alive.

“The city’s top priority with this project is creating new public access to Lake Erie and new ways for the public to enjoy the lake,” said Esborn.

The project will be costly, and the city is hoping to use some federal funding to help with the clean-up costs.

The power plant will officially close in September and construction can start shortly after.

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