At Easton Hardware customer service is key to success | Real Estate

At Easton Hardware customer service is key to success | Real Estate

EASTON — At Easton Hardware, opened since 1939, the original wooden floors and ceiling remain housing aisles of nuts, bolts, plumbing supplies, power tools, and hardware- the store has undergone numerous remodels making it truly a modern hardware store with years gone by charm.

It’s also a place where customers hear a friendly “May I help you” after coming inside. A store where the sales staff knows product lines and easily offers advice. It’s a business where customers walk out the door with the confidence needed to finish a home improvement project or fixing that leaking toilet.

It’s that dedication to service why customers continue to purchase their flooring, hardware, and lawn and garden needs from Easton Hardware, said Eric Clopper, who runs the business with his two children, Mason Clopper and Jessica Marks.

“It doesn’t matter what your problem is, we’ll try to solve your problem,” said Mason, echoing the hardware store’s unofficial motto. “We are the problem solvers. We like the challenge of trying to solve their issues.”

We always try to remind customers that if we don’t have what you need and we can get it, we will be happy to get it for you.

Eric said employees do recommend visiting other local retailers in the area if Easton Hardware doesn’t have or cannot order an item. “We have a very good relationship with most of the local retailers- hardware, lumber, electrical, plumbing, painting, and crafts” he said. It’s a small town and we all try to support one another. Easton Hardware’s philosophy has always been that the customer is first and if we cannot help them we try to send them to someone who can.

Marks explained several of their employees have been at the hardware store decades. She contributes to the family atmosphere of the store. Its employees come from various backgrounds not just in retail but; agriculture, construction and painting, and knowledge of those who work on the water. Because of the diverse background and experience of our employees, customers will find that Easton Hardware truly is the home of the “problems solvers.”

Prior to the COVID, floor covering was the store’s best seller, but with people not able to travel, go on vacation and eat at restaurants, so they are spending their time and money sprucing up their homes and yards. We have a wide variety of products throughout the store including DeWalt power tools, lawn & garden needs, cleaning supplies, electrical supplies and plumbing supplies. We also offer key cutting services as well as screen/glass repair, and pipe cutting/threading.

Eric attributes the increase largely to community support of local businesses during a period when closures were common- “because our customers have supported us, we are trying to do our part to provide the products and services that our customers want and need.

“I think our customers care about us, as much as we care about our customers,” he said.

The Cloppers are now on the third generation working and operating Easton Hardware. David Clopper purchased the store in 1967 from one of the original owners, Charles Stevens. Eric started in high school, as did Mason. Marks started working a few years ago as the bookkeeper.

Serving the community and our customers for 81 years our goal is to be the place where people come to have their flooring, hardware, and household problems solved for many years to come.

The store, located at 303 N. Washington St., is opened from 7 a.m. — 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Closed Sunday.

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