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Artificial Intelligence Will Help Social Media Radically Evolve In 2023

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Social Media Radically Evolve In 2023

Artificial intelligence might become much more viable in 2023, even if recent history has not been that positive.

Sure, Twitter became a hot topic in 2022 for all of the wrong reasons. Some have argued that social media is dead or dying. We’re all a little bored with the idea it seems.

However, I believe what can save Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media app is a major augmentation to make social media more viable and relieve the tedium.

That’s right, I’m talking about artificial intelligence.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve all experienced lately.

First, there’s the upright robots running in an open field and climbing stairs. We’re astounded by the incredible feats of engineering that appear so human-like — only to realize it isn’t actually AI. Most of those humanoid demonstrations are controlled remotely by a human operator.

Lately, Amazon Alexa has come under fire for failing to deliver any real revenue. My own experience has been hit or miss lately; the bot sometimes doesn’t work and hasn’t really done anything new in years.

For those hoping the robotic car revolution happens within our lifetime, the reality is that it has stalled out and appears to be nothing but a pipedream.

Even Google is in a robot funk. I was a major champion for the Google Assistant for a long time, hoping the voicebot would, say, conduct job interviews for us by now. I even wrote about how digital avatars could attend meetings for us a while back.

Unfortunately, the truth is a bit less satisfying. We use voice-activated bots to set reminders, read news reports and recipes, and play music.

My disillusionment has even made me question my own breathless prognostications about Artificial Intelligence changing the world, helping us do our jobs and performing mundane tasks so we don’t have to do them. I wasn’t really on board with the whole “AI worship” concept at the time, but one article started with a line that now seems unlikely, that robots will be smarter than us by 2042.

And yet, here we are. In late 2022, peaking over the horizon at 2023, there’s a sign that artificial intelligence might dominate in an unlikely place: social media.

I wrote recently about how ChatGPT helped me write social media captions. I admitted that I don’t plan to use them, since I prefer to craft the posts myself, but the captions do have viability. For social media managers who write posts all day long, scheduling product promotions or trying to connect with followers, ChatGPT is a useful tool with real-world implications, even if the developers don’t see it that way (they meant it purely as a beta test). That doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about it, though.

I’ve mentioned this before, but my view of professional, business-focused social media meant to promote a brand or a service hinges on two words: consistent quality. What I mean by that is, when you want to use social media for business purposes, don’t aim for a viral post. What works better is when you post on a consistent schedule using high-quality images with great captions. The diligent among us win the race. By posting consistently and in an engaging way, you can build up an audience, expose people to your brand, and eventually gain new customers.

I believe artificial intelligence will help all of us do that in 2023, and ChatGPT proves how that could work. The next step is to let an Artificial Intelligence schedule posts as well. We see this with apps like Sprout Social that can automatically find the best times to post.

What I’m talking about is something far more advanced, though.

We’d ask a bot to promote a new product, with no other details. The bot would then look for the best apps to use, find the best times to post, write the captions, choose the best images, and schedule the posts over a long period of time. We’d sit back and manage the analytics (although an AI could do that for us as well). A social media manager would become more of a marketing campaign advocate, choosing what to promote and why, and less of a detail-oriented caption writer and scheduler.

For everyday posting, we’d ask a bot to maintain our Twitter feed. That’s all we’d have to say. The Artificial Intelligence would look back at everything we posted since 2010 and (rather easily) determine what to post for us, in our own voice. And, it would actually work.

This might already be happening in the lab or elsewhere; in 2023, it will go mainstream. We’ve already seen how ChatGPT makes it possible. The next step is to give Artificial Intelligence some broad challenges like “maintaining my social” so we don’t have to do it.

In fact, bots will eventually do most of the detailed work for us. Advertisers will hate this, of course. They are not selling anything to the bots.

However, AI-enabled social media is coming sooner than you think. By the end of 2023, Artificial Intelligence will radically transform business use of social. Stay tuned.

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