Apple today previewed Apple iOS 16, the company’s next major update for the iPhone,

featuring a redesigned, customizable Lock Screen, new sharing and personalization capabilities, and more.

Apple iOS 16 An all-new, fully customizable Lock Screen allows users to edit a large number of design elements for a more personalized look. The new Lock Screen also includes widgets and Apple says that there are millions of combinations possible. Users can create multiple Lock Screens and switch between them.

Notifications now start at the bottom of the screen and can easily be hidden. Live Activities make it easier to keep track of events in real-time, such as playing music or working out.

Focus Modes have been refined, now allowing users to tie Focus Modes to a specific customized Lock Screen. Focuses can also be activated by swiping between Lock Screens. Focuses filters allow users to filter out distracting content inside apps, such as tab groups in Safari, events in Calendar, or conversations in Messages Apple iOS 16.

Messages now includes the ability to edit and delete sent messages, as well as the ability to mark messages as unread. A new Shared With You API allows developers to integrate shared experiences directly in their apps.