Android 12’s latest beta is here, and it’s going to take some time to adjust to all of the changes. Google has modified the power menu, eliminating easy access to both the smart home control panel and your Pay account. Thankfully, those shortcuts haven’t been completely erased from Android — you just need to know where to look.

In Beta 2, there are a couple of new ways to reach both your Google Pay account and controls for all of your home’s devices. Once you’ve set up a payment method on your phone, you’ll have access to a wallet shortcut on the lock screen. Just tap on this icon to load up your card, and once the phone is unlocked, you can pay via NFC. You can also find a shortcut leading to the same NFC payment page in quick settings.

Left: Wallet shortcut on lock screen. Middle: Quick settings shortcuts. Right: Device controls.

For those upset that the refreshed power menu is missing its smart home controls, don’t worry — Google has a solution. Next to the wallet shortcut in quick settings is one for “Device controls,” which gives you the same panel of smart home controls as the power button in Android 11. It’s a little more convoluted to get to than just pressing and holding on the power button, but at least it hasn’t been scrapped altogether.