After Further Review: Making a tough but correct call | High-school

After Further Review: Making a tough but correct call | High-school

And yet, amid all the turmoil, basketball teams throughout the area will begin official practices Monday. They will practice inside gymnasiums that will remain closed to the public throughout the abbreviated 14-game regular-season schedule and the postseason. 

It will be a weird sight at first, because missing will be all the trimmings that typically come with high school sports — rowdy student section; the chants of cheerleaders reverberating off the walls; fans stomping and cheering and complaining from the seats; the smell of popcorn wafting in from the concession stands.

Players will adapt, though, and get used to the scene. Parents may not.

Last week, Heritage athletic director Dennis Knight said he plans to stand by at gym entrances for each game, knowing the school may have “some irate parents who want to come in.” In a way, that’s understandable.

Many people have been doing their part to follow guidelines, hoping they could help life return to normal for all of us sooner rather than later. Others, though, have defied orders at every turn, content to let the virus spread among their fellow citizens. 

Seminole District officials made what must have been a difficult choice — parents want to watch their teenagers compete, and players love the hype of performing in front of their family and friends — but it was the correct call. In my estimation, they made the decision for a few reasons.

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